Media Computation Skills LAB - MTEC1003 - FALL 2019

Course Description

This course examines a broad array of topics, tools, skills, and best practices that support programming. At its core MTEC1003 asks how the user can gain finer control of their computer. Over a series of lectures and online resources, and through our weekly hands-on lab assignments, students will become familiar with the tools necessary to construct their own websites using basic front-end technologies such as HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Students will also harness the computer's powerful administrative functionality using the Unix command line tools and will learn to organize their workflow intelligently using source code management.

Contact Information

Required Resources

For all students:

Additional software required for students with PC:


Module 1 - Command Line

Module 2 - Source Code Management, Collaboration

Module 3 - JavaScript

Module 4 - Publishing on the Web


Optional Resources

Lab Policy

  1. No food or beverages. Only water in sealed water bottle - will affect Participation Grade.
  2. No smartphones or mobile devices. No headphones - will affect Participation Grade.
  3. Do not modify desktop settings and do not leave any files on the desktop.
  4. Locate all of your work in the assigned student folder.
  5. No installation of software unless working with an instructor.
  6. Help requests to the Course Instructor will be read and responded to during normal working hours.
  7. You are responsible for keeping all of your files on portable storage media. We cannot promise your files will remain on your lab computer from one class to the next.
  8. Lab is reserved for students enrolled in MTEC or ENT courses.
  9. Open lab hours are posted and subject to change.

Media Computation Skills Lab - MTEC 1003 - Fall 2019